About Oral Health Month

As the world leader in Oral Care, Colgate has always been at the forefront of initiatives which work towards improving the general oral health condition. With an objective to increase awareness regarding Oral health, Colgate-Palmolive spearheaded Oral Health Month (OHM), an annual initiative dedicated to spreading oral health and hygiene awareness throughout the world. Since its inception in 1998, the initiative has successfully reached out to millions of people across countries.

A survey, conducted by IMRB International for Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited reveals the following regarding Oral health conditions in India:

In India, Colgate-Palmolive in partnership with Indian Dental Association (IDA) has been conducting Oral Health activities designed to spread oral health awareness and good oral hygiene practices.

Oral Health Month has grown phenomenally in the last 12 years and has emerged as a leading campaign for promoting oral health awareness in India. Owing to its success, since 2009 Colgate-Palmolive earmarked two months instead of the traditional one month, dedicated to spreading the message of oral health and hygiene. In 2012, October and November, the mission of this program was ?Mission Zero Cavity?. Taking this initiative forward, in its tenth year in 2013, Oral Health Month focused on the mission to achieve a Healthy Mouth.

In 2014, we took Oral Health Month to 1300+ towns with a total of 30,000 dentists with the theme of a Pledge for a Cavity Free Future. The two-month long oral care awareness drive covered in-clinic free dental check-ups, school contact programs, free dental check-ups in mobile dental vans, retailers outreach program and many more such activities to engage more than 5.5 million consumers.

While in 2015, we initiated an all new campaign ?Keep India Smiling?, protecting smiles across the country by reaching out to more than 32000 dentists and conducting 5.8 million check-ups.


In-Clinic Dental Check-ups:

Professionals from the dental fraternity form an integral part of the Oral Health Month. Colgate partners with the largest recognized body of dental professionals in India ? the Indian Dental Association (IDA) ? to offer dental check-ups, free of cost. This partnership has been in existence since the introduction of the Oral Health Month in 2004.

Mobile Vans

In its continued commitment to serve the society by creating awareness for good oral hygiene, in 2008, Colgate introduced mobile dental vans in 6 cities across the country to enable free dental check-ups in underprivileged areas, which have limited access to quality dental care. In 2012, Colgate organized mobile dental vans and conducted 2,86,000 check-ups across 45 towns and cities across India. In addition to conducting free check-ups, the dentists also educated children and their families about good oral hygiene practices.

The success of this program has encouraged Colgate to continue with this practice in underprivileged areas, spreading the importance of good oral hygiene.

Oral Health Month, in 2013, achieved more than 48,60,000 contacts across the country. From 30,000 dentists and 1,200 towns last year, Colgate expanded the reach of OHM to 35,000 dentists and 1,300 towns in 2014. Additionally, mobile vans covered 45 towns carrying out free dental check-ups of 3.5 lac consumers.







No. of Dentists ('000)
Reached out to almost 32,500 dentists

No. of check-ups(Mn)
5.8 million check-ups in 2015