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About Oral Health Month

As the world leader in Oral Care, Colgate has always been at the forefront of initiatives that improve the oral health condition. With an objective to increase Oral Care awareness, Colgate-Palmolive spearheaded Oral Health Month (OHM), an annual initiative dedicated to spreading oral health and hygiene awareness throughout the world. Since its inception in 1998, the initiative has successfully reached out to millions of people across countries.

The oral health condition among Indians is worse than other countries. A survey, recently conducted by IMRB International for Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited reveals the following:

  • A mere 2.5% Indians visit a dentist at least once a year compared to a global average of 48%
  • 67% Indians have never considered a dental check-up
  • 30% of the Indian population consults a dentist only if they believe they have a dental problem
  • Out of those that do finally seek treatment for their dental problems, 1 in 3 have to get tooth extractions as generally it is too late to do anything else

In India, Colgate-Palmolive in partnership with Indian Dental Association (IDA) has been conducting Oral Health Month since 2004 covering a wide spectrum of activities designed to spread oral health awareness and good oral hygiene practices.

Oral Health Month has grown phenomenally in the past ten years and has emerged as a leading campaign for promoting oral health awareness in India. Owing to its success, since 2009 Colgate-Palmolive earmarked two months instead of the traditional one month, dedicated to spreading the message of oral health and hygiene. In 2012, October and November, the mission of this program was ‘Mission Zero Cavity’. Taking this initiative forward, in its tenth year in 2013, Oral Health Month focused on the mission to achieve a Healthy Mouth.

In 2014, we took Oral Health Month to 1300+ towns with a total of 35,000 dentists with the theme of a Pledge for a Cavity Free Future. The two-month long oral care awareness drive covered in-clinic free dental check-ups, school contact programs, free dental check-ups in mobile dental vans, retailers outreach program and many more such activities to engage more than 5.5 million consumers.