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How is Colgate-Palmolive structured?

Colgate-Palmolive is structured on a functional basis. However, being an MNC and hence part of a large global corporation, we also have a matrix structure.

In India, our people report to the Function Heads of each function, who in turn report to the Managing Director. Each Function Head also reports to the Divisional Function Head, who in turn reports to the Global Category Head.

All products categories are handled centrally and there are no separate divisions or SBUs for each category. This gives our employee the opportunity of handling a broader portfolio and also helps in developing a holistic view of the business.

Our Sales & Distribution function operates through four branches Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkota & Chennai. Each branch comprises a multifunctional sales team and field force, to plan and implement various trade schemes and drive sales volumes. The Distribution system is also common for all products (except Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals for legal reasons).

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What is the profile of candidates we look for?

We at Colgate-Palmolive believe that people are among our most important assets. Hence, there is a lot of emphasis on recruiting the right profile. We essentially look for:

  • Functional Competencies
  • Leadership Competencies

We want people with: a firm grounding in functional knowledge, strong analytical skills, a drive to achieve results and the business acumen to bring about continuous improvement.

Along with functional competencies, we look for leadership competencies which enable people to have a long term perspective and people who can build strong teams and empower them to achieve long term plans.

Above all, we look for people who exhibit passion at work, display a 'can do' attitude and possess high levels of energy.

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What is the Colgate-Palmolive culture?

The culture at Colgate is one of openness and transparency in all our interactions - internally and externally.

We strongly believe in the principles of Managing with Respect with all our fellow employees, business partners and customers. All processes and programs are so designed that these values are upheld under both favorable and unfavorable circumstances.

The value of Caring (one of our three core values) permeates all that we do. Above all, we believe in a strong code of ethics.

At Colgate, it's not only achieving results that counts, it is achieving results by following proper means that puts an employee at an advantage.

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How do careers at Colgate-Palmolive advance?

At Colgate-Palmolive, all the HR processes are tied to a competency framework (Leadership & Functional). Employees exhibiting high performance and potential, can grow in the organization through the following paths:

  • Vertical Growth - Higher levels of responsibility in the same function
  • Lateral Growth - Cross-functional assignments. There are several examples within the company for this.
  • International Assignments - Taking up important international assignments.

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Will there be a difference between a Management Trainee and a Lateral Recruit in terms of career growth?

We do not differentiate between modes of entry. Employees who display the Leadership and Functional competencies on the job and get business results through systematic means, are the ones who grow into future leaders.

We recognize that the lateral recruits bring in a lot of fresh perspective through their rich experiences across the industry, which is very valuable. There are many examples where the lateral recruits employees have reached positions of seniority and responsibility in a relatively short span of time.

The Business Leadership Program gives the Management Trainees (MTs) structured inputs and wide exposure, which is very useful to them in the initial years to build an overall perspective. The Company is committed to its Business Leadership Program to source MTs. However, the Company does not put any employee at a disadvantage because they have not been through the MT program.

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What is the possibility of getting an International assignment?

Colgate-Palmolive (India) is recognized for its rich talent pool. Employees who are identified as having high performance and potential, have various opportunities to go beyond the National boundaries and make a mark at the international level.

There are plenty of examples of employees who have moved to Divisional/Global assignments and successfully delivered business results. Opportunities are available in each and every function.

International assignments are not restricted to Senior Management. We have had employees right from the MT cadre, going on the international assignments.

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How are employees evaluated?

The Performance review year for Colgate-Palmolive is January December. At the beginning of each year in January, employees take on objectives for the year, which are cascaded down from the Organizations goals. Employees are appraised at the year-end, on achievements against these objectives.

Areas of focus for the annual appraisals are:

  • Achievement against Objectives
  • Process by which Objectives are achieved
  • Additional accomplishments
  • 'Managing with Respect' Principles Adopted

In addition to the formal appraisal process, there is a half yearly review of performance. There is a lot of emphasis on day to day coaching and feedback aimed at the development of the employee.

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How are compensation levels determined?

We offer competitive compensation. Compensation depends on the level of responsibility, qualification and experience of the candidate.

In arriving at the compensation levels, we look at:

  • Compensation data of the market
  • Internal compensation structure and parity
  • Performance and Potential of the employee

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What are the modes of recognition in the company?

You can make a difference is Colgate's premier recognition program honoring outstanding individual and team achievements. This program is employee driven; anyone can nominate, anyone can win. Nominated projects are assessed on strong growth or savings achievements, projects that advance our critical actions, initiatives with outstanding results and projects that support our sustainability efforts.

Period Winners are selected by the local program committee three times a year, from the nominations submitted during each award period. Annual winners are selected from the pool of period winners for that year. The GM, in conjunction with the local program committee and senior management team, selects annual winners. Global winners are selected by the Global YCMAD Evaluation Committee from the pool of annual winners submitted worldwide.

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Are there any formal/informal networks in the company?

One of the interesting networks in the company is the "Colgate Womens Network". The network works to promote professional development for women and empower women to help themselves in order to contribute to Colgate's business objective. The objective is to foster an inclusive workplace that mirrors the diversity of the marketplace, engages the entire organization and reflects positively on the Company externally.

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